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Ilosaarirock 12.–14.7.2024 • JOENSUU

Ilosaarirock's festival site gets a makeover

A shiny new outdoor stage, and more space to roam and have heaps more festival fun – the Ilosaarirock festival site is getting revamped!

This summer, Ilosaarirock’s festival site, and more specifically, the back area behind our Main Stage is undergoing a major transformation. A new outdoor stage will be rising up on the hill, bidding farewell to the old covered stage of ours, known as the Star Tent ('Tähtiteltta'). This overhaul also means more space for our wonderful festival-goers to wander around and dance, as the festival area expands slightly. We’re still keeping the new stage’s name under wraps–just for a little bit–but stay tuned for the reveal soon.

"We've been brainstorming ways to spruce up the back area for years, and now we finally get to take one of Finland's most beautiful festival spots and make even better use of it. The back area of our festival site is going to look completely different and open up the space in general, as you can see the stage from practically any direction now," our promoter Panu hypes.

The festival site makeover also brings highly requested changes to Ilosaarirock's VIP services, as the VIP facilities on the back area, namely our Star VIP, move right next to the new outdoor stage. From the VIP area, there will be a direct view to both the new stage and the audience.

"With a more open back field, a fresh new stage, and spacious bar areas, the back of our festival site is going to be known as the ultimate chill spot. We reckon festival-goers will be vibing at the back area even harder and longer than before. And the atmosphere? It's going to be off the charts, especially during those late-night sets as the sun dips down behind the lake. Getting chills just thinking about it!" Panu adds with a grin.

Got your interest? Check out our just-released site map right here (right at the bottom of the page).

In addition to the new outdoor stage, the festival program can be followed in the audiences of the familiar Main Stage ('Päälava'), Rento Stage ('Rentolava'), and Soundi Stage ('Soundi-lava'). In total, over 60 artists will perform at Ilosaarirock across four different stages.

So, what are you waiting for? Snag your tickets, if you haven’t already: See you soon at the new and improved festival site!