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Ilosaarirock 12.–14.7.2024 • JOENSUU

Festival values

Did you know that Ilosaarirock Festival is organized by a non-profit live music association, Joensuu Pop Musician’s Association, that was founded in 1971? The association is best known as the organization behind Ilosaarirock, but also the Rock Film Festival Rokumentti and the owner of legendary Joensuu-based Restaurant Kerubi.

In addition to our unwavering love for music and culture, our core values include an ambition to make North Karelia and the Joensuu area a better place to live, and a devotion to looking after the environment. Any profits that are potentially made during the festival are donated to causes that are agreeable with our core values.

Our strong association background manifests best in our core values and through them, in every single thing we do.

Have a look at our festival and association’s values below!

  • All music is valuable – Ilosaarirock exists because of and for live music.
  • The festival is there for its audience – they are what makes Ilosaarirock the best weekend of each summer.
  • We make our hometown a better place to live – our best festival city Joensuu deserves the best festival we can offer.
  • We take responsibility for our own environmental load – we do our very best and most to organize a sustainable festival.
  • All are welcome, and everyone is equally important – Ilosaarirock does not discriminate against anyone and we treat people with the same respect and kindness regardless of their status, background, race, gender, sexuality or age.
  • We openly stand up for the vulnerable – we keep things transparent and never hide our imperfections.
  • We do things fairly, ethically and safely, regardless of the monetary cost – sustainability and accountability is the one thing we do not compromise on.
  • We will leave an even better Ilosaarirock for future generations – a great festival for the next 50 years!

We require every single member of our staff, artists, partners and sponsors to adhere and commit to our values.

Would you like to inquire about or discuss our values and how they actualize in our organizing of the festival? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts! Get in touch with us at [email protected].