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Ilosaarirock 12.–14.7.2024 • JOENSUU

Festival Terms and Conditions

By participating in Ilosaarirock, you agree to abide by certain festival conditions, which include ticket terms, festival photography practices, and various safety procedures and guidelines, such as our Rock Etiquette, which promotes a safer space.

The purpose of these festival terms is to clarify the rights and responsibilities of our attendees and to ensure that the best weekend of the summer is equal, safe, and enjoyable for everyone. Adhering to the festival terms is a requirement for attending Ilosaarirock.


The official ticket partners of Ilosaarirock are Tiketti and We recommend purchasing your ticket only through these authorized sellers. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from third parties, except those sold through the resale services maintained by Tiketti and (LiputOn and fanSALE). To prevent misuse, do not share images of your ticket's barcode on social media. Ilosaarirock is not responsible for lost or damaged tickets, so please take good care of your ticket – especially if it is printed!

All Ilosaarirock tickets are exchanged for wristbands before entering the festival area. With the wristband, you can enter and exit the festival area throughout the day.

Ilosaarirock tickets may not be used as prizes in competitions or raffles without the express written permission of the festival organizer. The use of Ilosaarirock’s brand and related logos, symbols, and graphics in company marketing is also prohibited without separate written permission from the festival organizer.

Ilosaarirock follows official guidelines, regulations and the law. By participating in the event, you agree to present necessary credentials, such as an official ID when entering age-restricted areas.

Age Limits

Ilosaarirock is an all-ages event. However, we recommend that children under 12 attend the festival with a guardian.

Children under 8 can attend Ilosaarirock for free with a guardian on one selected day. Separate one-day tickets are sold for children aged 8–12. The child's age must be verified upon request with an ID or other official documentation.

If you attend Ilosaarirock with children, please ensure a safe and substance-free festival experience for them. Note that the late evening and large crowds are not suitable environments for children.

Some Ilosaarirock services are only available to adults aged 18 and over. These services are located in age-restricted areas, such as all Ilosaarirock bars and the two separate VIP areas. Children under 12 are welcome in the VIP areas with a guardian until 7 PM each festival day. A VIP ticket is also required for children.

Changes to arrangements

We reserve the right to make changes to the Ilosaarirock program, schedule, and other arrangements. Any changes will be announced immediately. In line with general live music industry practices, the festival is seen as a collective experience of various artists, art, and experiences, so the cancellation of an individual artist is not grounds for a ticket refund or compensation.

Ilosaarirock is an outdoor event that takes place regardless of the weather. Rain, temperature changes, or similar conditions are not grounds for ticket refunds or compensation.

If Ilosaarirock is completely canceled by the organizer, ticket refunds or transfers to the following year are possible.


Photography and videography are conducted within the Ilosaarirock festival area and its immediate surroundings for festival marketing and communication purposes. By attending the event, you agree that you may appear in future Ilosaarirock marketing and communication materials. These materials may be featured not only in the festival's own marketing and communication channels but also in the channels of Ilosaarirock's partners and other third parties.

We will never portray anyone who participated in Ilosaarirock in a negative light. For clearly underage children, verbal permission is always obtained from them and their guardians before using their images and videos in the festival's channels.


As Ilosaarirock approaches, we publish a comprehensive list of allowed and prohibited items and substances for the festival area. However, the final decisions regarding the safety of items and substances are always made by the festival security personnel during the security check.

The festival may occasionally experience crowding, loud noise, cigarette smoke, or other potentially unpleasant conditions. Ilosaarirock is not responsible for any damage or dirt to clothing or other belongings.

Crowd surfing and sitting on someone’s shoulders are prohibited. Mosh pits and walls of death are allowed. Always remember your pit etiquette: help anyone who falls get up immediately, check their condition, and assist them in safely leaving if necessary. Security personnel monitor pit activities and can interrupt them at their discretion.

Damaging or climbing on any event structures is prohibited. Anyone caught damaging structures will be liable for the damages.

Finnish law applies within the festival area, and individuals who threaten public order and safety may be removed from the festival grounds. A person may also be removed if their own safety is at risk, such as due to intoxication.


Ilosaarirock belongs to all of us. There is no place for any form of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate behavior at the festival. By participating in Ilosaarirock, you agree to abide by the Rock Etiquette.

We will address any reported incidents of harassment immediately. Violating the Rock Etiquette may result in removal from the festival.

Respect others
Respect the physical and mental integrity of every festival goer, as well as their autonomy. Remember that no always means no – respect the boundaries set by others. Treat other people's belongings and the surrounding nature with respect as well.

Don't assume
Don't make any assumptions about other people. Embrace everyone with an open, non-judgmental attitude and allow everyone the space to be their most authentic selves.

Ask for consent
Don't touch others without their permission – including any assistive devices. Ask for consent before entering someone else's physical space. Remember that consent must always be mutual.

Treat others with kindness
Don't criticize, mock, discriminate against, or embarrass anyone with your words or actions – not even as a joke. Treat everyone and everything around you with kindness, warmth and respect.

Stand up for others
We are all responsible for creating the atmosphere of summer’s best weekend. Remember that your actions also affect other festival goers. Intervene in inappropriate behavior and stand up for both yourself and others.

Listen and take responsibility
If you receive any feedback about your actions, receive and be open to it. Apologize if you have unintentionally or intentionally hurt other individuals or their property with your words or actions.

Thank you for adhering to Ilosaarirock's terms and conditions. By committing to these common guidelines, we ensure that the best weekend of the summer is truly the best for everyone.

We reserve the right to make changes to the festival terms and conditions.