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Ilosaarirock 12.–14.7.2024 • JOENSUU

ibe's show cancelled, Isac Elliot to perform instead

Finnish rap artist ibe's summer tour has been cancelled, including his performance at Ilosaarirock. ibe was set to perform at Laulurinne on Sunday, July 14th. Stepping in is Isac Elliot, one of the most exciting and successful domestic pop stars of recent years.

Isac Elliot, with his vibrant mix of modern pop, danceable electronic music, and rhythmic rap, is a true superstar in every sense of the word. Despite his young age, Isac has already cemented his place as one of our country's most beloved artists, with his songs streamed over 350 million times on various platforms. Currently preparing his fifth studio album, Isac will be making his debut performance at Ilosaarirock this summer.

"Our younger audience has been especially eager to see this performance, so we are thrilled to have Isac Elliot for his first full show at Laulurinne! He previously appeared on our stage at Kuningassoundi's Rentoshow back in 2012 when he was just 11 years old. He performed one song but left an unforgettable impression on us even back then. It's fantastic to have the fully-fledged artist Isac as part of this summer's best weekend," hypes our promoter Panu.

Isac Elliot will perform at Ilosaarirock on Sunday, July 14th. You'll know the precise schedule very soon – this week, in fact – for both Isac and all other Ilosaarirock performers.

And hey! Ilosaarirock's spring tickets are available for just a short while longer, until May 31st. All ticket prices will increase by 10 euros immediately at midnight on June 1st. For the best ticket deals, head to the shops now!