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Ilosaarirock 12.–14.7.2024 • JOENSUU


Finnish progressive rock legend Kingston Wall released only three full-length albums during their brief career, but the indelible impact they left on the Finnish rock music scene is undeniable. Formed by the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter and guitarist, Petri Walli, bassist Jukka Jylli and drummer Sami Kuoppamäki, the band, and particularly Walli’s ingenious compositions, skyrocketed Kingston Wall to unwavering cult status in the 90s—a status that still resonates today.

Although Kingston Wall’s story came to a close with Petri Walli’s passing in 1995, his songs live on. This summer, we have the privilege of celebrating the band’s music, career, and legend as the original members, Jylli and Kuoppamäki, lead the JJYLLI & KUOPPIS – MUSIC OF KINGSTON WALL ensemble onto selected festival stages. Let’s gather in July to immerse ourselves in immortal melodies and the brilliance of these musicians.